Something Old, Something New

This weekend I traveled to Tucson, Arizona to attend my cousin’s wedding (mom’s side) and visit my grandparents (dad’s side).

Prior to this weekend, I hadn’t been to a wedding since I was in 4th grade!  Only a handful of my high school classmates are married, and none of my close friends are.  (At that wedding in 4th grade, I was SO amazed by the bride wearing Minnie Mouse-themed Converse sneakers, it was like — wow, she is SO cool!  Hahah.  Offbeat bride before it was cool…. ;D )

I also haven’t seen my cousin and his younger brother more than a few times in the past 10-15 years, so it was nice to catch up.  There were only about 130 guests, and it wasn’t too crowded.  Tucson has some really nice desert landscapes, and it was so neat the whole thing was on the outskirts of town with lots of natural desert beauty to spruce the place up.

The wedding was fairly typical, but I appreciated the short ceremony (15 minutes!) and their dog being the master of ceremonies. ;)  Luckily there weren’t any awkwardly long and inebriated toasts, just a few short heartfelt speeches by immediate family and some of their college friends.

But best of all?!  GELATO BAR.  I’m really enjoying the trend of people personalizing their ceremonies and receptions, and I love gelato, so I was totally excited to see they had hired a local company to bring a small gelato cart to the reception!

Chocolate hazelnut gelato and salted caramel gelato and flower centerpiece.

A cup of chocolate and hazelnut cookie gelato and salted caramel gelato with one of the nice centerpieces at the wedding. Good times!

YASSSS.  I had chocolate hazelnut (it wasn’t just flavored — it had crumbled chocolate hazelnut cookie mashed in with the chocolate gelato!) and salted caramel.  The other flavors available included strawberry & champagne, raspberry, mint chocolate chip, pistachio, and one other.

Best of all — they were super friendly and aware.  My dad asked them to leave off the cookie straw in his cup, and they quickly said “Oh, gluten allergy?”  He explained he’s sensitive, and they immediately said “oh, I would recommend choosing another flavor, since this one is made with hazelnut cookies inside”.  Super on the ball but casual — sometimes you find out too late there’s something you can’t have, and you suffer.  We appreciated their attention to the customers!

So if you’re ever in Tucson or Phoenix, be sure to visit Frost Gelato.  …or apparently in the Middle East (?!?!) or Chicago.

The next day at my grandmother’s house, she told me she had some photo albums I’d never seen — a big one of my dad’s family trip when he was a kid, they picked up and spent 3 weeks on the east coast in Pennsylvania, doing Civil War battlefields and seeing family friends.  It also had some excellent 60s fashion and silly cowboy outfits on my dad and uncle!

Dog and great grandmother at the wall by the house.

My dad’s dog Duchess and my great grandmother, both looking over the wall at my grandmother’s house in Tucson — about mid-1960s.

I also got some quality time with a few albums from times I visited when I was 2-7 years old — awesome old 80s and 90s pics!  Hahah.  Love it.

Me in 80s-tastic clothes.

Me in my bomber jacket-style sweatshirt and super cool plastic visor. Not sure where we were, but it was 1989 and I was probably 3 and a half.

The archivist in me is screaming in horror that the albums are made of such acidic paper and I have a burning need to rescue the oldest photographs of the one album — they’re fading like crazy and the paper sure isn’t helping.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to scan the pictures properly, so I was stuck taking pictures of pictures.   Also, the plastic sheets covering each page are horrible, and make it really hard to take clear pictures of what’s underneath.  Agggh.  Definitely going to make a concerted effort on my next trip to rescue the albums, or scan what’s in them at the very least.

Family photos are my favorite things. :D  Anyone have memories of some great old pictures?