Roadblocks in Life – Beep Beep!

I’ve been a hermit again, but I have a feeling I can muster up the oomph to start writing and posting about Wyoming.  (Contrary to popular opinion, it actually does exist.  But usually only 3 months out of the year, otherwise it’s iced in and impassable. ;D )

wyoming road

I’m pretty sure the only roadblocks in Wyoming (aside from snow) are people rubbernecking at moose, bears, elk, etc. in Yellowstone.

Today’s daily prompt post is about barriers:

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

1.  Responding to email — writing to someone who asked me for advice on how to set up an archives for their historical society, and options for computer software to buy or download.

…I put off writing back to this person for a week, and I felt like a horrible human being.  I made a visit to their building on the 13th, and didn’t write back until the 20th.  Do you ever get an email, and then put off responding for a day, and then it morphs into a guilt spiral of not responding which makes you put it off more?  Yeah.  Talk about barriers to life, right?  I need to get better about just buckling down and -doing- what I should.

Accomplished it, after a week of hiding.


My family likes to take pictures of signs for each other. Weird? Maybe.  In Canterbury, England.

2.  Writing cover letters.  With how much I write online (in general), you’d think it would be easy to write cover letters.  I hate writing cover letters with the fire of a thousand suns.  The amount I post on here is related to how many job applications I send out.  When I get mopey about writing cover letters, I disappear from the internet.

I was able to re-write a letter substantially last week, and sent it in.  Success! I hope.  I cannibalized that one and used it for another letter, and also applied to a government job which happily requires no cover letters.

Accomplished it one and a half times, still not satisfied with the quality, but…they’re sent in.

3.  Cleaning.  Nothing glamorous here, but I had visitors for the weekend, and at 3:30 pm they announced they’d be arriving at 4:15 instead of 9 pm like I’d expected.  Yikes!

Accomplished it — I’d already gotten the big stuff out of the way, but nothing lights a fire under your butt like a deadline.


Mud Lake, Wyoming. Charming name…

So, without further ado… WYOMING, folks!  You can look forward to long drives in the middle of nowhere, offroad adventures, horseback riding, no electricity, antlers and saddles galore, and NATURE!

7 thoughts on “Roadblocks in Life – Beep Beep!

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