Inspiration, or something

A day or so ago, I was browsing various blogs and tumblr and a thousand other things, and came across a quote I liked.  Usually I save links, or email myself the page, or save the picture.  …this time, I didn’t.

Curses!  I could remember the general idea of the quote, but no specific words (good one, genius).  After trying to go back to individual blogs or posts I thought it might be from, I turned to google.  So I started looking at big lists of travel quotes.  They tend to repeat a lot. :P  But there’s always nice pictures to look at!

I found what I think is essentially what I was looking for, but I don’t know for sure if it was the same quote.  Oh well.


From this post, by 48 Savvy Sailors.

Through my wandering search, I found a really pretty set of travel quotes + pictures on Rough Guides (they’re wonderful panorama images, I might take some for my computer background)…  I found a Bulgarian blogger who got a bunch of quotes together in one place but also posted about visiting Barcelona.

And I even found someone selling mugs on Etsy using the design — quite nice!  She gives credit to a post full of the artist’s hand lettering (the original artist, 48 Savvy Sailors).  The internet is a great place, but it’s sometimes hard to get to the “bottom” of who’s the creator, with how much copying circulates on the internet.  But looking at the artist’s other hand lettering, it’s so beautiful!  I love calligraphy and fonts and type and stuff.

Mugs, by seller handstolearn.

Moral of the story?  Like travel — it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  (Meta-quoting, see what I did there?)

Thinking about travel quotes and reading some of the messages can also seem a little pretentious…it makes me wonder what some people think about travel bloggers.

I’ll get back around to my actual thought related to the quote later, too. Thoughtful Friday.


From Rough Guides’ travel quotes slideshow, with an Einstein quote.


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