Liebster Award — Paying it Forward

I heard about the Liebster Award after I was nominated by Steven — what a neat idea!  The idea is to get your fellow bloggers circulating around the internet, recommending others, etc, and getting to know each other better.


“I love you” gingerbread heart. These are common at Oktoberfest/other German festivals — you can buy them as souvenirs, they can be small like pin-sized or huge like a sign around your neck! People wear them with traditional outfits, or sometimes couples buy them for each other to wear around the festivals. Or you can buy giant ones and send them to all your friends, shrink-wrapped, never to be eaten unless you like fossilized gingerbread…

What I didn’t know, but makes sense — from a dedicated individual who has done a LOT of research on the award — is that the idea for the Liebster Award is rooted in the German word “liebster” which has a few meanings like kindest, nicest, valued, cute, etc. :D  (Edit: Thank you Lorraine for pointing out what needed corrections!)

Basically, you can choose to continue the chain (or not), and your goal is to answer a few questions from your nominator about yourself, then nominate fellow bloggers and suggest a set of questions for them to answer.


…now… my pool isn’t that large, and the author’s recommendation is to pick people with less than 200 followers — but I feel like most of the blogs I follow have a ton of followers!  Oh well.  So, in the spirit of the honey badger (“I do what I want!”), I will be nominating or highlighting the blogs I follow with a short explanation of why I like them, so feel free to mingle!

My questions from Steven:

1) If you had to chose, iPhone or iPad?
iPad, which unfortunately can’t replace a desktop for me…but it’s got a big enough screen for movies and internet, you can play games without your eyeballs imploding, and it’s great for being portable to share photos with those who are less tech savvy in my life.  …and I’ve resisted an iPhone this long, I can keep holding off a little longer. ;)

2) List your top three cuisines? (For example, mine are Indian, French, Japanese)
Oh…bother.  I don’t know.  I guess Mexican, German, and … American?  (Okay, California/Arizona Mexican, specifically.  And plantains.)  I don’t know.  I love Italian dishes…idk.  It’s complicated.

3) What movie in 2014 are you looking forward to?
My brain is suspiciously blank, I feel I’m forgetting something.  Well, the last Hobbit movie OF COURSE!  And I just saw a trailer for Winter’s Tale (with Colin Farrell, apparently based on a book) and it looked very interesting — set in Edwardian times but then timetravel to modern times and some supernatural business with a white horse.  That sounds not interesting, but go see the trailer!

4) Are you a dog or cat person?
I’ve only ever owned dogs, and I don’t think I can see myself owning a cat.  I do like cats though.  I’d get a ragdoll cat if I did get a cat (aka the most doglike cat around, but they’re adorable!).

5) And your next holiday destination is to . . . . ?
No ideas yet. =\  In a perfect world — Germany, New Zealand, and Belgium.  Realistically — I think my family may finally get off their collective rears and go to Yellowstone National Park.  If we slack off with that, then maybe Seattle.

6) Which fictional universe would you like to be in: X-men, Harry Potter, Star Wars?
HARRY POTTER all the way.  Come on.  Star Wars is an awesome universe, but Harry Potter is just so interesting and complete — all the best things of our current real world, plus magic and an incredibly detailed magical world.  Owl post.  Traveling by fireplace.  Magical sporting events.  HOGWARTS. :D

<3 Yeah. I’m a Hufflepuff. It’s not a bad thing, and we’ve got the badgers on our side. ;) By Snellby on redbubble. And I have the shirt. Hahah.

7) You find one hundred dollars (or the equivalent in your currency). What do you do?
Probably save it.  Hahah.

8) Smoker or non-smoker?
Non-smoker.  I’m sensitive to smoke, and plus it’s really expensive. o_o

9) About food, you can only chose two is it: Tasty, Cheap, or Good For You?
Oh, no, the worst conundrum!  Ideally, tasty and good for you, but… realistically, probably tasty and cheap.  Mmmm.  Tasty food though.

10) What kind of music are you into?
Movie soundtracks (Lord of the Rings, anything Disney, Narnia, Gladiator, etc).  Musicals. Things playing on the California rock and alternative stations from the 90s.  (KROQ!)  Vocal singers… (In the style of Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Seth McFarlane, etc.)  Scottish Celtic rock (Runrig!).  I’m drawing a blank now!


Ich liebe yarnbombing. (AKA one of these things is not like the others!) City of Munich Museum. ;D

Blogs you guys should check out!

Made by Steven: Slow cooking from around the world, here in Japan — Former Los Angeles-kin, currently in Japan cooking up a storm.  Two current favorite posts are about turkey –how to use the entire bird in a useful way, and what to do with turkey skin.  Great pictures with the recipes and ideas, as well.

Loving Food, Fashion & Life (LFFL) — Great down to earth blog with a variety of post topics that anyone can relate to — recent posts include mac and cheese (!), the plague of new horrible lightbulbs and where to find alternatives, and her love of soccer.  I really like that she always posts a takeaway thought of the day related to each post. :)

The Girl in the Little Black Dress — She’s 16 and a fashion/daily life blogger from France!  I haven’t gotten to dig back in the archives much yet, but I love her approach to life.  The post that made me follow her was when she and a friend zipped around town taking pictures of people they thought looked stylish for any variety of reasons — kudos to them for having the courage to ask people to take pictures!  I was way more timid when I was 16.

Find the Beauty: Photography by Cynthia Mackowick-Traun — I found her blog through the Freshly Pressed feature, and stayed for the beautiful pictures of farms and countrysides.  Apparently she has dachshunds, so now I can’t leave ever. :D  The post that caught me originally was a collection of pictures of a decaying farmhouse in North Dakota — sad, but neat and intriguing and beautiful!

Critique Collective — Paul writes about art, which is definitely not my strong point.  However, I really enjoy reading his posts and learning more about the art world, as well as reading interviews with young artists (such as this one about a collage artist).  I love hearing life stories!  I get excited when I sew a few straight lines to make an infinity scarf, so it’s even more rewarding to read about these people’s accomplishments. :)

Travel Tips and Pictures (TTP) — Short and sweet posts about travel.  Since I talk SO MUCH, I can definitely appreciate quick simple posts!  I got some good reminders and new ideas from their post on how to buy reasonably priced plane tickets, and how to just start planning a trip.  Sometimes we forget that not everyone out there is the uber-savvy travel/internet user and that they may not know the “basics” about something we take for granted.  (That goes for any topic, not just travel…. for instance, I know ZERO about fashion or makeup.)

Covered in Beer — Hahahah.  I usually gravitate towards photography, food, or travel.  This blog is nice and different for me in a great way — it reminds me there’s other things in life. (Also, the blog title is great!)  I loved his post on how to not get sick!  XD


Ich liebe Milka. Actually, it’s not really great chocolate, but…it’s got a purple cow. And it’s “German”. (Swiss — Nestle.)

Whew!  You’ve come this far.  Congratulations!  Now, for anyone who cares to participate in some good old fashioned get to know you Q&A… step right up!

1. Tea, coffee, or other?
2. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or other toy as a kid?
3. What would you dress up for Halloween (or costume party, convention, etc) as if you had an unlimited budget?
4. Mac, PC, or build-it-yourself?
5. What’s your favorite season?
6. What do you like to read?  (If anything… I hope you like to read if you’re blogging!)
7. What movie (or two) could you just watch every weekend?
8. Where did you get the idea for your blog?
9. I sincerely hope you like pizza — what are your go-to toppings?
10. What IS the best thing since sliced bread?

I am physically incapable of writing a short post.

13 thoughts on “Liebster Award — Paying it Forward

  1. Argh! My fingers it the enter key!!!

    KROQ is still around? (chuckle) It wasn’t a 90’s station when I was there. It was the 90’s, the played what was current.

    Italian, eh? Well, I’m going to do a pasta and lasagne post in the near future.

    • Oh, of course they’re still around! Well, yeah, I know, lol — I just mean they still play a lot of stuff from the 90s which I appreciate. XD In addition to the new stuff. But there’s always Green Day and all that good stuff which we get to force… I mean…bestow…upon the younger generations!

      YES. Do lots of pasta and lasagna. :D

  2. I just want to make one thing clear: I am not the original creator of this award! I have, however, done a lot of research on it, evidenced in the post you allude to. :)

    By the way, congrats on your award!

    • Oooh, crap. I thought I had read so carefully — your post is full of great details with lots of ideas. I’ll change that. Anyway — thanks so much, and I appreciate the work you’ve put into your posts! :D

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