Impromptu iPod Eavesdropping

Alright, I can’t be perfect and alliterate everything. This is a first and a test — I’m posting from a tablet!  (Okay, I may have cheated…I centered the pictures and added captions from a real computer.)

A friend of mine and I met for lunch, but the first place we tried was closed! Yelp and their site said they open at 11, we got there at 1…ghost town.

So we got BBQ instead. I haven’t had BBQ in a while — I can’t even remember what style they had. Memphis maybe, but I also have a sneaking suspicion they just mix and match anything they want to give people options.

Since it was 86 F/30 C and sunny here (sorry folks everywhere else!) we decided on an unscheduled stop at Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, which is located near the pool area of the Disneyland Hotel (adjacent to Disneyland, Downtown Disney, etc). PERFECT. The weather felt great, they have outdoor couches to sit on (and fireplaces when it’s cold), and since it was midweek around 2:30 pm, it was nearly empty.


The front of the menu, and the view from the patio. Sorry iPod, you’re not the best camera…

Score. We sat outside in the warmth like lizards for about a hour, blissfully eavesdropping on the business people at the table near us — they were discussing ideas for small Disney-themed products for places like the Dollar Store. Choice quotes include: “we gotta jump on ring pops” and “light up suspenders” and “just to be clear, Jumbo Eggs are NOT an innovation”. Hahah!

Moral of the story — take some time to relax and take a break, sometimes you’ll be unexpectedly entertained. :)


Everything is themed. Everywhere.


They updated the pool area to have slides that look like the monorail and with the retro sign, plus waterfall! How cool. It’s pretty new. Again, apologies for terrible quality. :(


I can’t resist walking by the candy shop in Downtown Disney — you never know what new candy apples will be on display!

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