Zero to Hero, She’s… Hercules? Yeah, no.

The song from Disney’s Hercules was probably the first thing that came to mind when I saw WordPress’s peppy blog boot camp posts (Zero to Hero).

It’s bouncy!  It’s upbeat!  (Skip ahead to about 28 or 30 seconds in to get maximum uplifting gospel goodness.)

I love the idea of Zero to Hero — get new bloggers to get their feet wet, challenge old bloggers to reprogram their brains, all in small manageable chunks.  I may be a little too cocky about my blog, but I decided to skip around — I’ve got my theme (for now…) — but I want mooooore!  What’s a fire, and why does it, what’s the word? Buuuurn!  Wait.  Sorry.  Wrong movie.

I’ve beaten the top menu bar into submission, though I think it needs a little help.  What I’d really like is a font change, and a color change, but I’m not shelling out $30 a year or whatever just for that.  I’ll figure it out.  This post takes care of Day 6… I think I’ll tinker some more with backgrounds or widgets.

Now, for a text widget to explain my blog in more than the little blurb at the top… I’m not even sure what I want in the end.  I guess that can wait until a few more posts, get my feet wet, that sort of thing.

I think the more appropriate song for this NEW BLOG 2014 YEAHHH business is “I Can Go the Distance” (also from Hercules).  Because who can say no to Michael Bolton cheering you on with corny lyrics?

Yikes, check out that hair.  Yay 1990s!

4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero, She’s… Hercules? Yeah, no.

  1. You’re doing a great job! I love the Hercules vids. I’ve only ever seen it once. I think it’s time to revisit.
    Oh, and you have to let the world burn — sometimes. :-)

    • Urgh, this is so late — anyway, thank you for the kind words!! I appreciate it! And yeah — definitely watch it again! I would recommend Netflix streaming but I don’t know if you’ve got access over there… And yes — sometimes you just gotta LET IT GO. (Have you seen Frozen? Hahah.)

      • I’ve been wondering where you were. I missed your commentary and blog.

        Japan produces so many films that American releases are almost always a few months behind. We just got Hunger Games Two (which I loved) and Frozen, maybe in a few months.

        It’s not a bad thing as there’s plenty good to see here.

        Apple TV got Hulu. The content is a little different because they either dub or subtitle everything. Wanna see something funny, watch Big Bang Theory with a Japanese dub. It’s awesome!

        • Aww, yeah… I got apathetic for a few days, then was busy, and then the weekend happened and I was buried in job hunting apathy. Then I told myself I had to upload pictures and video, and I got apathetic again. Hahah. PERSEVERANCE!

          Wow, I didn’t realize American film releases were that far behind. Do you go see many Japanese movies? Are they expensive to watch in the theater? Ooh, I haven’t seen Hunger Games but I have seen Frozen, I hope you like it if you’re planning on seeing it. I’ve almost given up experimenting with movies in the theater unless it’s something I’m really waiting for like the Hobbit.

          Oh, huh. I’ve never tried Hulu or AppleTV. !!! I can’t even imagine what Japanese!Sheldon sounds like. A quest! It sounds incredible. Bazinga!

          Also — thanks for the turkey posts! Now I have more backup in my arsenal for suggesting turkey for more meals. lol. So tired of chicken…

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