Tea for Ten

I was invited to a tea party today — nothing too fancy, but boy did my friend outdo herself!

She loves trying new recipes and experimenting with new foods…undaunted courage.  Last month, she invited 25 people over to learn how to make tamales — our instructions came from a youtube video, and nobody had tried doing it themselves before!  (They actually came out pretty good, too.  Win!)

So today she made tea sandwiches, and salad, and soup, and scones, and various things in puff pastry.  Aaaagh I love puff pastry!  Most everyone was able to bring over a teapot or teacups, so I think we had a good 8 or so different types of tea going.  Not too shabby.

Near the end, she brought out some dragonfruit — I’ve had it as sorbet before, it’s a little plain and needs some sugar, but overall it’s quite nice and mild.  But boy does it look crazy!  It’s bright magenta on the outside, but the fruit inside is basically white, with little black polkadot seeds.


Crazy, right?  Apologies for the poor quality… I only brought my ipod with me.  I’d definitely try it if you see it in the stores, or perhaps try an Asian market if you have one nearby.  (Make sorbet!  Extra fancy points if you put the sorbet back in the dragonfruit skins, like boats. :D )

Have you ever tried it, or anything similarly else you’d never seen before?


3 thoughts on “Tea for Ten

    • It’s pretty crazy looking, right? It’s like a mullet fruit — party on the outside, business on the inside. I think I like it better as sorbet…it has a sort of boring flavor by itself (at least this one did) and I just enjoy the texture of sorbet so much more! Plus, it seems so much fancier. ;D

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