Welcome! Hop in. :)

Well… after meticulously documenting my various trips and events in my life on various platforms (livejournal, paper journal, twitter, facebook, brain cavern, etc) … I’ve decided to start a hopefully more well-rounded blog.

I live in Southern California — actually, I was born here too.  (It seems rare enough to mention!)  I’m a librarian/archivist by trade, and I love documenting my experiences with words and pictures.  I’m also an incurable “helper” so I often attempt to give advice (solicited or not, hahah) — perfect for a travel, food, etc blog, right?  :)

Thumbs up for Disneyland!

Me ready for Disneyland a few years ago.

I love history and books and architecture and old things and food and memories, so I hope this place can inspire others to share their stories too.  I do like hearing about others’ experiences too — what can I say, I’m nosy!

Farmlands next to Lake Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany.

Farmlands next to Lake Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany.

Since I’m not sure what is next on my plate, I’ll be interspersing posts from various times in my life.  You can look forward to things near and far from me — California, Wyoming, Iowa, Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Arizona, Washington, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand — for starters!

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